Skin Hydration Tips for Summertime

The summertime is BASICALLY here right...Is your skin ready?????????

Is there anything worse than stepping out the door in your favorite Ming Boutique dress & you look down & see the unimaginable.......A PATCH OF DRY SKIN!!

OH NOOOOO😱😱 So here are just a few tips to help keep your skin healthy & glowing so you won't experience this moment⬆️
Tip #1: Drink Water. You knew this one already right? Increasing your skin's water content by simply drinking more water can help your skin appear more radiant & even toned. So try to drink at least 8 glasses per day of H2O.
Tip #2: Avoid Long, Hot Showers. I know I know. During summertime, one of our daily highlights are taking showers to wash off the day. However, bathing for long periods of time can cause your skin to lose moisture content & necessary oils. So try cool or lukewarm showers that don't go beyond 10 minutes.
Tip #3: Apply Sunscreen. Exposure to sun can definitely dehydrate your skin & can cause premature aging...
So, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen every time you head outside this summer ☀️
Tip #4: Try Face Masks. Face masks are not only fun to experiment with but they have multiple benefits. They have lots of hydrating ingredients, they can reduce the appearance of fine lines & dark circles AND they can keep your skin nice & plump. So try out a few this summer to see which ones really benefit your skin.
Tip #5: Eat Water Rich Foods. Veggies & citrus based foods are hydrating & feed your skin Vitamin C, which are good for skin health & texture.
Have you already been applying these or will you try these tips as part of your skincare routine?